Entries for three separate competitions organized by South Aegean administrative region, concerning the design of a litter bin, a bus stop and a bench.
1st Prize award for all three entries - architects: Nikos Baskozos, MOB architects - location: Dodecanese Islands, Greece - status: competition entries - design documentation: 2018

With respect to Dodecanese vernacular architecture and the character of the landscape common in Dodecanese islands, our goal was to design furniture that could be part of an abstract and fictional representation of this particular place. The use of a high-durability casting material was necessary for thse designs. Fiber reinforced cementitious mortar was chosen as the main material, which provides high mechanical and aesthetic performance in small thicknesses. The manufacturing process requires the use of a mold which makes this material ideal for enhanced replication. The opening lid is made from stainless steel.