Diploma project - Student: N. Baskozos - Supervisor: Professor G. A. Panetsos - University of Patras, Department of Architecture- Date: 2014

The relationship between a building and the place it is designed for, Santorini in this case, is the theme of this project. Wine production is the main primary sector production of Santorini. Local materials and construction techniques were used as much as possible and most importantly the entire building is composed out of Santorinian architectural typologies. Since Santorini is a dry island and there is no timber available, local architecture is entirely based on vaulted structures which are either dug into the ground, or build, or both. The vaulted room was used as a unit in this project. Each one of the three main functions of the complex is composed out of a different formation of vaulted rooms. These formations in turn are inspired by the different types of settlements or building complexes that can be found in Santorini.